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Employee Selection Procedures:
Our projects involve designing valid job-knowledge tests and assessment centers that are tailored to specific occupations and work settings, implementing the selection process for private and public sector clients and conducting structured interviews for placement of managerial personnel. Job-knowledge tests have been developed for numerous police and fire departments, social service workers, and grain operators to name only a few occupations. We have considerable experience in developing and implementing non-traditional tests, i.e., practical simulation tests using videos, multiple choice in-baskets, and structured oral interviews.

Assessment Centers:
Morris & McDaniel officers have considerable experience in the design and implementation of state-of-the-art assessment centers for supervisory and managerial positions. Adding to this experience, Morris & McDaniel officers have developed programs and seminars on assessment methodology. Our projects have involved the use of multiple assessment techniques and exercises tailored to specific occupations and work settings, as well as multiple trained observers or assessors. Our work in assessment centers involves not only design and implementation, but also training seminars and professional lectures and articles.

In many instances, because of the large number of candidates, innovations were used which included video-based situational exercises, multiple-choice formatted management exercises, and sometimes extensive use of video recordings to ease the administrative burdens associated with the use of assessors and large numbers of candidates.

Development and Validation of Testing Instruments:
Morris & McDaniel
can develop tests and other methods designed to select the individuals whose strengths best match the demands of the job. Valid personnel tests will improve the organizations productivity and its competitive edge. Our firm is experienced in the development and validation of entry-level and promotional examinations designed to select the most suitable individuals for specific jobs.

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