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Morris & McDaniel has been a strong force in the human resource management field in New Orleans and the greater southern Louisiana area since 1981. Under the able direction of Dr. Lana Whitlow, who has headed up our Louisiana office since 1990, our company has worked extensively in the law enforcement arena as well as with significant numbers of clients in the private sector.

Although our office was completely destroyed in Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Whitlow was able to quickly re-establish our personnel selection testing programs and we are proud of the contribution we were able to make, with her guidance, in helping employers jump-start their efforts leading to the revitalization of the area’s economy in the wake of this historic devastation.

Morris & McDaniel has recently partnered with PSI, a long-established and well-respected psychological consulting firm headquartered in Baton Rouge, to implement a program providing in-depth human resource assistance to a wide range of employers, primarily in the oil and gas industry.

Under Dr. Whitlow’s guidance, the company is a pioneer in the use of on-line employment testing for our clients in the region. These programs allow clients to have tremendous flexibility in test scheduling, they result in significant cost savings to the client, and they provide immediate feedback so that well-informed hiring decisions can be made without delay.

Potential clients are urged to contact Dr. Whitlow directly at morrisnola@aol.com or using this contact information:

Morris & McDaniel
3351 Severn Avenue, Suite 101
Metairie, LA  70002

Tel:  (504) 888-1002
Fax:  (504) 888-0061
Director:  Lana P. Whitlow, Ph.D.



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